Radiosurgery and NeuroTomotherapy | Dr. Prem Pillay, Singapore

Tomotherapy represents the future of radiation therapy . When applied to the brain and spine we have termed it NeuroTomotherapy.  Older forms of precision radiation,( also called radiosurgery, stereotactic radiotherapy or fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery) include Gamma knife, X-knife, Cyberknife and Novalis.

NeuroTomotherapy allows real time Image Guided precision radiation treatment to tumors of the brain and spine. Intensity Modulations (IMRT) and the presence of of a MicroMultileaf Collimator (MMLC) allows accurate shaping of the energy beams to each unique tumor volume and an effective dose to be given.

Furthur information and a video of the treatment is available at This treatment is available through our center in Singapore.  You can find out more about the surgical treatments that we have specialized in to provide our patients with the most modern and technologically advanced treatments.